Tetrawan Overview

Tetrawan, Nalanda, Bihar, India

LOCATION : Tetrawan is a village located in Nalanda District of Bihar in India. Tetrawan is situated about 12 kilometers south-east of Nalanda district headquarter, Bihar-sharif.Geographical co-ordinates of Tetrawan are 25° 8' 0" North , 85° 35' 0" East.It has rich heritage of Buddhist culture.

HOW TO REACH : From Bihar Sharif take N.H 31 to Pawapuri, this stretch would be around 15 km.From Pawapuri you would have to drive around 8 more km to reach Tetrawan.

By Air : Patna is the nearest Air Port. From Patna you can take BSTDC bus for Pawapuri. From Pawapuri you can take "Jeep" to reach Tetrawan. Alternatively hire a taxi from Patna.

By Train : Bihar Shariff & Pawapuri Road stations (both stations are on the Baktiyarpur- Rajgir section of ECR). Tetrawan is situated equidistant about 12 kilometers from both the stations, which can be negotiated by hired vehicles.

Importance of Tetrawan : Tetrawan was a vital extension of ancient Nalanda University.Even today remains of Buddhist culture can be found all around Tetrawan. There is huge statue of Buddha in sitting posture.When people dig for well etc many casts of Buddha are found even these days.

image courtesy : bhpromo.org